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sorry, my real blogger is down again

sorry, my real blogger on my web-site is down again. so i have to post real stuff here. >:0(
here goes...

well, last night was fun. hmm, let's see if i remember what happened.

nancy came around my house, and we drove to christina's house. we had to wait a bit for her slow ass. we drove to lakewood to go to some washington mutual. (yes, i know, we're atm whores.) nancy took out some cash. then christina took out some cash. nancy slaps christina's ass a couple of times, you know, the usual. i tried to take out some cash, but the machine didn't take my card for some reason. >=0(

me inside nancy's car

anyway we get on the freeway to get to long beach and i found out that mirna was going to meet us down there later. once we got down there, i was looking for an atm and found one, but there was a long line and the dumb bitch at the front of the line didn't know how to work it, so i left.

we went to panda bear express and got some food. i had barbeque pork, orange chicken and some fried rice. carrying my tray, looking for nancy and the table she chose felt like the typical first day of high school. we ate and talked for a while while some fat guy played guitar for us.

we went for nancy's cellphone in the parking lot and found out frank was at a strip club or something. he went with his brother to a bachelor party. yeah so nancy was mad as hell. she called him up several times, saying she was going to go to a strip club as well. we sat around waiting for mirna, calling people up. and i saw sabrina there. (well, she works there) she was on a break. i talked to her for a bit and she offered to teach me how to do the reels. so i accepted. i think that would be cool, i might be able to do it at school, or get a job at the local theatre. sabrina had to go, so nancy, chirstina and i start looking around at the little kiosks. then something grabbed me from behind. i could feel a head in the small of my back. i finally realized it was a hug, but from whom?

it was laura, she was hugging me. i turned around got very happy. but poor laura had been in a car accident and the scars were still apparent. she had to get her very, very long hair shaved. but i think it's a nice look for her. she told me she had a metal plate in her head and let me touch it. she's so cool. despite everything that's happened to her.

the edward's theatre in long beach

paula was there and mirna was there too, so we decided to buy tickets. it sucked, the twins and mirna couldn't see the others because they promised they would see it with their mom.

we went to the food court to talk. the fat guy with the guitar was still there. we talked for a very long time. mostly about nancy killing a poor innocent dog with her car. and how they made eye contact before impact and that the dog's soul is in her now, tormenting her with nightmares.

it was time for our movie to start and we went up to the door and the guy told us there was a line for it. we were a bit mad at that. as we walked to the the end of the line, i saw this nice-looking guy staring at me, we made eye contact and i just walked on. we got to the end of the line and started talking about getting a refund. but once the line started moving, it didn't take log for us to get in. we walked in the theater and got good seats, next to some white trash. so cool.

the movie was pretty bad. the little "twist" was soooo hollywood. the kids were pretty funny. hmm, this was the first time ever that i went to a movie and people actually screamed their lungs out during the "scary" parts. i couldn't help but laugh.

after the movie, we called mirna's cellphone from the lobby and left her a message. we had planned to meet them afterwards, but it was getting late. i saw sabrina one more time and we talked for a couple minutes. then we drove home.

so yeah. fun fun.
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